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“I met Wry through a very honest post I happened to read on Facebook. I was incredibly surprised at seeing such openness, honesty, love, and clarity in a person; this is the same way he was guided me through my issues. Wry has been an open source of wisdom and stability in times of much confusion and emotional turbulence. He has always given me a point of view that I didn’t expect: in precision, impartiality, and effectiveness. He helped see where I was overreacting and guided me to see my errors and to comprehend and forgive my partner’s, thus helping me not destroy a valuable relationship. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter the subject I’ve brought up: STDs, kinks, BDSM, he is all-around knowledgeable, and most importantly: non-judging. I fully recommend his service and support he brings to the community. Thank you, Wry, for your presence in my life.” – A. Powell

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“Having been recently divorced from a closed relationship, I reached out to Wry for guidance and advice in my endeavors into the world of multiple partners, open relationships, and polyamory.  I chose Wry for counsel because I had attended his amazing discussion panel.  Wry carefully weighed and analyzed my particular situation, explained a lot of things I did not understand or misunderstood, and quickly got me moving forward in the right direction.  I have not looked back since.  Props to Wry for his keen understanding of this exciting and uninhibited lifestyle.” – Steven

“I first met Wry and his three girl friends at a Poly talks event at the Pleasure Chest. I was already mind blown that he had his three girl friends onstage. Back then, I was just making inroads into Poly and had no idea that it was even possible to enjoy a poly lifestyle even behind closed doors. But on that day, I saw first hand, in real life, that it can be a successful lifestyle choice. That alone was a fulfilling experience for me, but I also appreciated the breadth and depth of knowledge and personal experience Wry had in this matter.

At a later point in time, as I was navigating poly lifestyle, and hit some rough waters, I had no doubt as to who to reach out to and seek guidance from. And I am glad I did, ’cause what could have ended as a disastrous, bitter experience, was rightfully shown to me by Wry as a great learning experience. His insight, support, empathy, and genuine concern immediately put me at ease with him so that I could share with him all aspects of my struggles and triumphs of my non-monogamous lifestyle. His guidance of the issues on hand and insight into possible future issues, which I couldn’t see yet, has been hugely responsible for my growth, and my adherence to the guiding principles of Openness, honesty, and integrity. I know that I always have in Wry a wise mentor and a compassionate friend. And I am glad I reached out to him for advice.” – Sidd

“I can’t say enough good things about Wry, the work that he does, and the type of human that he is. We first connected in an online forum when I was having some really huge issues that I was struggling with in one of my poly relationships. I was in an emotional upheaval and I was trying to sort though my feelings, do the right thing (whatever that was) and keep it together. Through just email communication, he held my hand, guided me, let me rant when I needed to, and offered me incredible, actionable, excellent advice to help me move forward in a healthy and productive way, all just because he wanted to. That’s the kind of guy he is. Since then, we have become incredible friends, and I value that so much. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.” – Cathy B.

“Wry speaks with authority and candor on non-monogamy. At events, I found his expertise so impressive that I invited his counsel into my personal life. With dignity, class, and humor, Wry and his girlfriend helped me better understand non-monogamy in just one-meeting. Non-monogamy literature and workshops are useful resources, but our frank discussion led me deeper into understanding non-monogamy’s role in my life. His communication skills and background make Wry an invaluable resource for anyone seeking counsel in non-monogamy. “—Snow Mercy

“Wry truly is an understanding guide to help break down dialogues and look into the complicated energies sometimes stirred within non-traditional relationship structures. His insight clearly comes from a place of personal exploration, road tested and well learned. Highest recommendation.” – J

“I never miss Wry’s polytalks! I love the amazing insight he brings to the table, along with the insight of his guests. And it’s great that everyone is included in the discussion, he actually encourages crowd participation! I learn something new every time.” – A.

“I highly recommend sitting down with Wry and one of his girlfriends for a private session. It’s so comforting to hear the perspectives of both sides of an open relationship. Hearing their own personal stories makes me feel like I can achieve my goals as an ethically non-monogamous person!” – N.

“Wry gave me a lot of advice when I first decided to navigate the terrain of polyamory. He encouraged me to be more transparent and forthright with my identity. He explained his lifestyle in a way that allowed me to borrow techniques. I had known that our ideologies were aligned, but it took time for me put into practice what I believed. Having a beacon in the dark waters ahead like Wry helped me align myself with my true desire.” – D.

“Wry brought me to one of his non-monogamy talks right when I was first exploring my interest in polyamory, and it was his introduction to and guidance through the world of non-monogamy that helped me to grow into the person I am today. I’m now very happily polyamorous with my fiancee, and I attribute a lot of my relationship success to that first meeting.” – H.

“I was down about this girl I was seeing who revealed to me that she had others in her life. I felt lost and didn’t know what to do with myself and that I was doing something wrong for showing interest in other people. When I sought advice from Ry I let him know that she would constantly make me feel down about being with others like she was the only one who could do so. It was refreshing to hear that I was not wrong for wanting to explore having multiple partners and that the only person who can tell me if it was for me or not was myself. Since then I have never been more happier and comfortable with my life because I was shown that what I wanted in life was all apart of being a human. I was no different than any other person looking for love and appreciation. I cannot thank him enough for helping find my true self through actually understanding where I was coming from.” – B.

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