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Wry Janet Hardy
With Janet Hardy (Author of ‘The Ethical Slut’ and 10 other books) after our panel discussion at UCLA with SPLA. July 2015

Having gained experience in multiple forms of non-monogamous relationship since 2002, Ryan “Wry” Mantione advocates being well-informed regarding options and alternatives to a hetero-normative, traditional love life, as well as maintaining dialogue with partners.

Wry has featured as a speaker or panelist at the following:

Encouraging audience participation, Wry has hosted regular discussion groups at: Stockroom, The Pleasure Chest, Syrup Loft, Wiznu Labs, and Emerald Terrace clubhouse.

In jest, but very relevant. If you spend enough time in the community, you’ll know at least one person to match each of these quotes.

“While I may practice a style of multi-relationship that is Open, Poly, D/s, Feminist, and Descriptive-Hierarchy, I take care to ensure everyone feels welcome. Over the years, I’ve explored various paths and it’s important to be inclusive of lifestyles that differ from my own. My workshop events are diverse with gender, people of color, and different points of view that are not limited to polyamory or any other specific form of relationship. Non-Monogamy is a broad and diverse umbrella, which includes mono-amory, hierarchy, Relationship Anarchy, swinging, DADT, egalitarian, casual sex, threesomes, MonoPoly, SoloPoly, communal, open, closed, polycules, triads, and more.” – Wry

On Playboy Radio with Nikki Hunter and Christy Canyon, later Vivid Radio with pornstar Siri, Mika Tan, and other hosts.

Wry has appeared on Playboy-Vivid Radio on shows hosted by Mika Tan, SWING with former adult performer Siri , and Night Calls with Christy Canyon and Nikki Hunter. He was the first special guest on the new Loving Without Boundaries Podcast hosted by Kitty Chambliss. Wry and his girlfriends appeared together on the infamous Dr. Susan Block Show, which may be the longest running sexual oriented show on the air.

As an active participant and Dominant in the BDSM fetish community, Wry is an exhibitionist and performer who has been featured on dozens of stages throughout Los Angeles, including: Sanctuary LAX, DomCon, Lair De Sade, Bordello of Decadence, Bondage Ball, Stockroom, Bar Sinister, Batcave, RUIN, Rapture, Noize Factory, Eros, Fetish Ball, Perish’s Studio 69 and various V Society events. He can occasionally be seen on stage in San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas as well.

Kinky Salon LA 2015

Wry is a co-promoter of Kinky Salon LA and hosts their fetish FUNgeon play area. In the words of Polly Superstar, the founder of Kinky Salon, the tenets are “community, creative expression, and sexual liberation, becoming part of a movement to change our culture’s unhealthy attitude towards sexuality. We are queer friendly, body positive, accessible and inclusive. Creativity is the focus of the events, and sex is just one way to express yourself at a Kinky Salon. We see the liberation of sexuality as a means of personal transformation, and personal transformation as a means of cultural transformation… making the world a better place, one pervert at a time.”

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Wry hosts the BigFuckinParty annually in June. What began as his private birthday party has grown into a festival extravaganza of music, spectacle, fire, and absolutely absurd fun. The 6th annual BFP was held in June 2015 at a private location and attended by over 700 of his closest friends.

In addition to Non-Monogamy Consulting, Wry also offers private lessons in fetish techniques and BDSM. Wry is  available for hire as a Dominant/Top for public and for private play.

Outside sex and relationship consulting, Wry is an event coordinator and marketer available for freelance and contract work. He is currently a Marketing Manager at Cinema Libre Studio, an independent film company which distributes over 200 documentaries and activism narratives.